Transport Facility


The school maintains a number of buses for transport of students on payment of a monthly fee. The transport fee must be paid regularly every month along with Tuition Fee to help the school maintain the transport system in a proper manner. All care is taken during transportation but the school does not accept any responsibility for accidents that may occur enroute. Students should attend the designated bus-stop at least 10 minutes before the appointed time to ensure they do not miss the bus. A student can be deprived of using the school transport if found creating indiscipline. The School will accept a clear one month's notice for discontinuation of bus facility. This will, however be acceptable up to 31st August only. No request for withdrawal of bus facility will be accepted thereafter.
Bus Rules
1.Students are expected to be at the designated bus stop at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time to ensure they do not miss the bus.
2.The bus will halt only at the stoppages decided by the school authorities and no request for change of any should be made to the bus staff.
3.Student must obey the instructions and guidance of bus driver, conductor, teacher and bus monitor.
4.No part of the Childs body should be held out of the bus at any time.
5.Object of any kind must not be thrown outside the window or inside the bus .
6.Students must be seated when the bus is in motion and not move around. They must come near the exit only if they have to deboard the bus and also after the bus comes to a complete stop.
7.They must wear their ID Card with the yellow band bearing the name of the school.
8.Parents are not allowed to enter the bus under any circumstances nor are they expected to get into any argument with the bus driver ,conductor or teacher .Transport facility in such a case may be suspended or even cancelled if any such confrontation is reported .
9.Shrieking, shouting or any unruly behavior is strictly prohibited as it may distract the bus driver.
10.Guardians/parents of PRE-NUR TO UKG students must personally collect their wards from the bus stop after school.