Knowledge is not limited by time, neither bound by anxiety but is a lifetime effort of learning by exploration, invention, realizaiton and experiences.“Our education should be robust enough to reduce the smallest difference between weak and exemplary. India needs a telling reform that can survive at least for a couple of centuries in the wake of diminishing boundaries of Nation”. This statement of mine I truly believe, my team honestly professes and practices. I thank you for choosing S.V.D as a desired school for education of your child. We welcome you to this large school family, which comprises of teachers, pupil and parents belonging to various castes, creeds, culture, sects and languages. A true Cosmo politan S.V.D that′s rich in experience and articultate in value. S.V.D always acknoledge that parents and guardians are the primary educators and school is an extension for aquiring “knowledge by doing” and “knowledge from experience”.
You as a parent are the first teacher who teaches your child “how to walk to school” and we as a school educate them with “knowledge how to lead their life”. Beleive me it′s a joint effort and for complete education of these beautiful children of ours we need to perform in sync and with trust of togetherness, Together we can and together we will transform every dream into reality. We as a school are proud of each of our students and every child of ours will make a significant contribution to the development of society and Nation in the most dedicated way. They will be gems of sustainable success.